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Local Busselton Attractions & Events

There is always something to see and do and plenty going on both in Busselton and the surrounding area. Here at Martin Fields Beach Retreat we provide you with the latest information to help you get the most out of your stay. See our list of the local attractions and events that are well worth a look.


  • Ludlow Tuart Forest National Park

    Ludlow Tuart Forest National Park

    This 20km2 area is the only remaining Tall Tuart Forest in the world, and is one of the rarest ecosystems left on earth. Some trees are more than 40 metres high. The area is habitat for a number of rare and vulnerable species. Enjoy the peaceful forest setting by walking its many trails or using the picnic areas.

  • Malbup Birdhide

    Malbup Birdhide

    The Vasse–Wonnerup wetlands are home to one of the largest concentrations of waterbirds in Western Australia, so it is no surprise that bird watching is one of the main attractions. This has inspired the bird hide at Malbup Creek, in the heart of the wetlands.

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  • Wonnerup House

    Wonnerup House

    Wonnerup House is open daily from 10am – 4pm. The national trust listed ‘Wonnerup House’, which was built by the pioneering Layman Family in 1838. Visitors can view the furnished homestead, stables, blacksmiths, school and teachers house which are all set amongst lovely gardens.

  • Wonnerup Beach

    Wonnerup Beach

    Wonnerup Beach is a short stroll from Martin Fields Beach Retreat via the footbridge. Go for a dip in the Indian Ocean or walk to the mouth of the Vasse River where it meets the Indian Ocean. Wonnerup Beach is a 4WD beach so it is very popular for fishing. On the odd occasion you can see dolphins.

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  • Vasse - Wonnerup Wetlands

    Vasse - Wonnerup Wetlands

    The Vasse –Wonnerup Estuary was recognised as a wetland of international importance under the Ramsar Convention 7th June 1990 when an area of 1,115ha was designated as an important dry-season habitat for waterbirds. The wetlands are feeding grounds for over 20,000 birds.

  • Busselton Centre & Busselton Jetty

    Busselton Centre & Busselton Jetty

    Busselton centre along with the iconic jetty is only a short drive from MFBR. The jetty extends almost 2km out over Geographe Bay, and is located in the heart of Busselton. The heritage listed Busselton Jetty is the longest timber piled jetty in the Southern Hemisphere.

  • Margaret River Wine Region

    Margaret River Wine Region

    The Famous Margaret River Region is just around the corner. A short drive and you will arrive at the start of the Margaret River region. It’s a mix of pristine natural wonders, premium wineries, relaxed microbreweries, world-class restaurants, spectacular beaches, towering forests.

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